Friday, July 13, 2018

A Full Friday

We had a full day of work and fun. Wren came to help Karin with training Oksana so of course I put her to work too. She helped groom Roxanne's 5 day old filly.

Faith and Berlica came also to help with Oksana's training. Karin has been working with Oksana in hopes she will become a vaulting horse. It is a slow process but Oksana is making progress.

The hardest part of this training is to teach Oksana not to stop as the vaulter mounts and dismounts. She must keep a steady pace. Karin kept this session at less than a half hour as it was terribly hot. Oksana was hosed down before and after the practice. The next job was to take Bunni, Cookie, Sally and Oksana on the trails.

To see the rest of the pictures of vaulting and the trail ride click HERE.
Taunya arrived about this time with her 4 children and Phil and Anna's 3 girls. Sarah also came and the grandkids had a ball swimming and playing in the lake with their cousins. Joan's 3 youngest joined in the fun. before heading over to the lake though they all needed an icecream break.

The lake was just the ticket to help cool everyone down. 

The next fun was a golf cart ride which stopped at the trampolines so they could use the golf cart to jump off the roof unto the tramps. 

Taunya's dad was in charge of Abe during the swimming.

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures click HERE.  This afternoon the neighbor's fields were being sprayed and the bright yellow plane was flying right over our house for the turn arounds.
Taunya and Anna made the dinner tonight and it was delicious. After dinner Roxanne and her filly were turned back outside, the stalls cleaned and the horses fed. Lily and Star needed to be moved as their paddock was out of hay. The kids found the two new sand piles in the outdoor arena and had a ball playing in and on them.

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