Saturday, July 21, 2018

Carnival Fun

I had a lot of work to get done this morning. Karin came and helped get 3 bales moved. She watered the indoor arena while I worked with the skid steer spreading sand in the outdoor.  Kayla, Berlica and Faith arrived for the trail ride this morning. Faith and Berlica rode Sally and Cookie, Karin and Kayla rode Sangria and Jenis.  They also had a vaulting lesson on Oksana.  Jamie arrived with an entire carload of breads, bagels and buns.  The texts were sent out to tell everyone to come to mom's if they needed any. No pictures though I left with the big van to go pick up Taunya and 7 of the grandchildren to take them to the Christian Center. We were meeting Philip, Sarah, Nolan, Zion, David, Israel and Elisabet there at 11:00 am. The Christian Center was celebrating their 70th birthday with a free carnival.

They were selling hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch,
with free cake for dessert. 
The face painting was a big hit.
Israel didn't want to get painted so David took his kids into the bowling center and got us a couple lanes. 
They all enjoyed bowling. 
Sarah and Nolan arrived with socks as the boys didn't have socks. 
After bowling we went back outside and waited in the balloon line. 
While Taunya was busy holding balloons Abe took off for the petting zoo. We think he was trying to run away to join the circus. 

There were many more pictures taken. If you would like to see them click HERE. We stopped at McDonalds on the way home and everyone got an icecream cone and a glass of water. Everyone needed a nap after that busy morning. I ran to Sam's club to buy food for the meal tomorrow evening. Taunya convinced me to serve Haystacks.
This evening Mark finished up all he needs to do with Joan's solar system then cut up some fallen branches.
A text came in from the man who bought Ayanna's colt born April 3rd, 2016. He is 2 years old and just magnificent. They have had a lot of rain but he wanted to send an updated picture. This colt looks more and more like his sire Evan.

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