Monday, July 2, 2018

A Visit With Iris

We had a cool morning and Shaeya arrived early. While us old people were walking Karin and Shaeya were working both of the boys.  Shaeya even rode Valiant. Karin was well pleased with how well he did with her, Karin took the picture below of Shaeya and Valiant.
After the walk I had to drive in to Meister's to pay the first of the month bills then drive to TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail for tomorrow.  Sarah met me in Bartonville for our trip to Bloomington to visit Lee and Rhoda's adorable new baby Iris. Rhoda and Lee took her to her doctor appointment today.

 When they got back we put our suits on and drove over to State Farm Park to enjoy this beautiful day. Lee found a good spot in the shade for her and baby Iris stayed sound asleep in the stroller the entire time. 
 Lee kept a careful watch over her the entire time. 
 It was hard to pull Lee away from the stroller for the picture below.
Zion loved playing in the water.

A bit later Rhoda brought over a special hat for her to wear. Now Zion's daddy is a Cub fan and when Rhoda put the Cardinal hat on Zion's head she wasn't sure she should be wearing it. 
 We all had to laugh at her expression.  Karin called as we were driving home. She took the stock trailer to Middle Grove to pick up Oksana. They left the trailer at the road and hiked up to find the horses. While there they checked on all 9 foals that are out there. Karin took the pictures below.
 Above is Soul's colt by Evan and below is Missy's filly by Evan

 Above is Galena and her colt by Valiant and below I think is Rosaleigh and her filly by Evan. 
When they were ready to take Oksana down to the trailer Ripper followed them all the way down so they loaded him too and took him to the Goose Ranch. Mike has hired Shaeya to train him.  When I got back Karin was just getting ready to take Joan's kids out on a trail ride.

This evening Mark weed whacked and sprayed for weeds on our patio while I worked on pictures then we headed up to the barn to get a start on the insulation for above the apartment until dark.

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