Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mounting Block Home

Of course none of the mares stalled or put in the indoor delivered and none of them are due yet but the weather was just so awful I didn't want to take a chance. That meant clean-up took extra long. By the time the indoor arena was cleaned up Anna and her colt were more than ready to get out of the stall and stretch their legs in the indoor. They were left inside most of the morning while I worked on laundry and stalls. They were brought inside after a few hours, just in time to meet Sally and her husband Ernie who drove all the way here with the missing mounting block. Of course we had to take some time to see Anna's colt. Ernie took the picture below.
Mark and I had a nice visit with them over a cup of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate was needed today, it was hovering just above freezing but spitting ice pellets at us mixed with rain most of the morning. After lunch Mark worked on the driveways, filling pot holes by raking the gravel into them. I spent most of the afternoon outside working in or out of the barn. This evening we went to potluck at Doug and Cindy's Streitmatter's house. We enjoyed a gourmet meal with them along with Bruce and Leila, Leon and Eunice, Larry and Susan, visiting way into the evening arriving home well after 10:00 pm. Anna's stall was cleaned and her water bucket filled and then all the mares were checked again with none of them showing progress. Ayanna and Rosalie were brought inside the indoor tonight. 

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