Sunday, March 11, 2018

Maybe Tonight

The time change was good for all the horses, they thought they got fed an hour early.  Before church I got the fair trunks organized and Mark took them back up to the barn. They just need to be put in the trailers tomorrow.  We had a visitor in Peoria, Matt Feucht had the morning service and finished up the afternoon. It was a pleasure listening to him.
After church Israel, David, Stephanie and Elisabet came over for dinner. Israel helped clean Anna's stall and fed the cats for me.  Anna was waxing this morning so was left inside.  Serenity and Darla were put out with the other 3 weanlings. They were thrilled to get out of the stall galloping around the paddock. Galena was brought inside tonight to keep Anna company in the stall barn. She really is a beautiful mare.
This evening Shaeya came over and together we drew a little milk out of her teat and tested. It is testing blue just below 250 giving us a better than 50 % chance of a foal tonight. Shaeya and her cousin Sadie decided to spend the night. Sure are praying Anna has a healthy foal. Below is her first foal, a colt by Valiant born Jan 20th,  2015. He was such a big stocky colt.
 Below he is just 12 days old. I'm sure glad the weather is much warmer for this upcoming birth.
On March 28th,  2017 Anna delivered another big foal but this time she had a filly also by Valiant. She is pictured below at 2 days of age. 
We are expecting another big foal, Anna is huge! 
I may put Shaeya and Sadie on foal watch and get some sleep this evening taking over the watch at midnight.

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