Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Eve Party

Yesterday was such a fun busy day, and with no camera, just the phone to record a bit of it. We walked early and came upon some funny looking fishermen. Below Spark is sporting his state of art BRAND new outfit just purchased for this trip.
This chic outfit is water proof, light weight and leaves plenty of room for a coat underneath for warmth. I'm just sure this fashion statement is going to take off and be the next fad down here. Why I bet next year every fisherman is going to be looking just like Spark!
Fedi, Greg, Nolan and Spark were having some good luck with fishing. One of Fedi's poles had a huge bite, a big tug then nothing. Something big bit right through his steel leader. Greg got such a big fish on it took ALL of his fishing line. The drag was screaming, Greg was fighting but the fish was so big and so strong it just took the line straight out to the middle of the ocean and once the line was gone the fish was out-a-here. His pole and line were just not rated for that huge of fish. We were never able to see exactly what took either of these but the guys were able to pull up some nice sized pompanos. Below mom is showing off Nolan's fish, he was in too big of a hurry to get back out fishing.
 The weather was cool and rain moved in later in the morning. The kids went to Rachel's to play games. From there a bunch spent a lot of the day at the rec center swimming in the indoor swimming pool, playing in the gym, playing ping pong and wally-ball. From there it was back to Rachel's for FOOD, games and movies.
Rachel ended up with a house full most of the day. 
We were going to try to get a nap in because of needing to stay up for the annual New Year's Eve party which gets held no matter where we are but were never able to. All of us, well most of us crowded into Joan's condo for games and snacks until midnight. The games got pretty rowdy.
We had to quit the games about 10 minutes before midnight to get everyone over to the beach. We met in a circle, had a prayer, Diane handed out noise makers, Rachel and David had the official countdown on their phone and at exactly midnight the noise level went from zero to the decibel of a 747 jet plane taking off, or it seemed that loud. People up in the high rises started joining in on the noise and fun by shining bright lights down on the beach to see what in the world could be happening. Others from the down the beach in both directions were lighting off fireworks to celebrate either surviving 2015 or welcoming 2016. Rachel took a short video of mom and Beth dancing on the beach. Beth had the moves mom not so much. To see this short clip of boogie woogie mom  click HERE.
By the time we came in we were so ready for bed.
Today it is hard to believe it is no longer 2015 but a brand new year.

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