Sunday, January 31, 2016


Do people know what I stand for? Do they KNOW I'm a Christian, born again and unashamed? Would they know this when meeting me the first time? I was reminded today at church of how people will know we are Christians by our love for one another. On the other hand,Is it true love when we see someone living in sin and don't say anything about the consequences of sin. AC's are brought up to prefer one another, speak kindly to one another, deal gently and this we know well having been taught it as young child. I saw a picture today of a lady standing in front of a pulpit screaming in anger with hate filled eyes with a hate filled message. Behind the pulpit was a Bible verse and I shuddered. Today we heard about David's mighty men, of David's heart but also his sin and repentance, we heard of Joseph's coat, his hate filled brothers, his 10 years as a slave and 2 in prison and the brothers that meant it for evil but how God meant it for good, Was this all along God's plan for reconciliation of brothers? The sermon was ended on the beatitudes. Those beautiful beautiful verses in Mathew 5.
After church we decided to see the progress on the 2 houses in the family being renovated. Below is David Jacob's house. The big push here was the roof as rain is predicted.
Next was Nolan and Sarah's house. Phil and Braelyn were there going over a few things with Nolan and Sarah. David, Stephanie and Israel arrived right after us. We looked at all that work, both what had been done and what was going to be done.
 Makes me tired just looking at the construction garbage piled into the garage.
This is going to be a very nice home for them. The house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, the garage is a very roomy 2 stall with automatic opener semi attached to the house, the yard is big and backs up to the nature preserve.
The group of us drove to Peoria Heights to eat at Kadee Kat's restaurant except when we arrived it was closed so we drove down the road and found a pizza joint.

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