Friday, January 8, 2016

Vaulting Practice 2016

Today was a damp day but not terribly cold. No rain this morning but after the walk the rain started coming down pretty steady. I was home today and realized I'm not as efficient with my time as work days. Laundry was done and reading but when I looked at the clock I was shocked to find it after noon. Where did the morning go?  Playing the piano, talking on the phone, reading, answering email questions and the next thing hours have gone by. One nice phone call came in today. This lady called to make sure Ribbon would be going to the fair. She said, "I come down to the fair every year just to see Ribbon. I love that I can pet her, last year you let me in her stall and we bonded."
I think Karin would agree with everything this lady said, after just about every vaulting practice or performance she states, "do you see why I love this mare!" Speaking of Karin she worked Anna and Ribbon today and confessed to only working 5 horses yesterday instead of the 6 she told us she worked. Oksana was skipped. Funny how the trainer loses count when there are just so many to work.
Today was the first vaulting practice for 2016. We have 9 on the team this year but only 6 were able to come to today's practice. With the rain the practice had to be held inside where it is just too dark to get good pictures. 

Last night Amy Koch came over and gave us a gingerbread house specially made for us. 

She had it so cutely decorated with gingerbread reindeer, a gingerbread man, gingerbread snowman and gingerbread Christmas tree.  Well tonight Mark and I spent the evening with Braelyn, Taegan and Kensely and they were astonished at the first sight, then when told they could eat it went to town. Below are a few pictures of this tasty house disappearing before our eyes. 

 Kensley got the tree and decided it was safer to eat it in the cupboard.

Thanks Amy you made their evening. They ate to their hearts content then played and played with it.

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