Saturday, January 23, 2016

Computer Expert

Another cold morning but productive. Mark worked on laying out the solar system while I fed the horses. Jenis' paddock was pretty much out of hay but when I went to move the bale feeder it is buried in the ice and couldn't be opened up. Jenis is now moved into the middle paddock while Rosaleigh and Roxanne have been moved in the paddock next to Valiant. We have Ribbon, Indy and Ayanna living in Raven's old paddock, Valiant and Anna living in Evan's old paddock which is now Valiant's paddock. Oksana and Evan living in Valiant's old paddock which is now Evan's paddock. Eliza, Zalena and Jenis in the middle paddock and Rosaleigh and Roxanne next to Valiant. That's 12 horses divided into 5 paddocks and each paddock has either a new or relatively new bale so all should be good for at least 3 days. After feeding I walked over to mom's to visit with Karin about yesterday's Friesian practice. Anna arrived around 9:00 am to drop off the 3 girls while she and Phil went to Sarah and Nolan's new house to work. The girls had a ball building towers then decorating towers.

Yes the house was trashed but not for long. Hannah and Faith came over to clean the mess up and quick as a whistle everything looked great. One amazing item to report. Taegan, Phil and Anna's 3 year old daughter fixed my computer. Forget about asking for computer help from the kids, just ask the grand kids.
We really aren't sure what she did nor is she but she went over to start pushing buttons and the next thing we knew the computer was turned ON and WORKED!

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