Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Today there was just no time for horsing around. Today was the reconciling for that fun week of vacation. One look at the full to over flowing mailboxes was all it took to predict today would be spent laboring at a computer.
 Do you have any idea how many pieces of mail can fit in one mailbox? This was 2 full to overflowing boxes stuffed and crammed full.
To read about the work at the Berean office today click HERE.
Of course by the time I got home I sure didn't want to go outside to work more. A couple good things to report. Emily was suppose to get a rental car today and will have better transportation than the old truck. She is still not able to ride, too much pain in her chest and arm. She is not able to earn wages if she cannot ride and really needs to be compensated for lost wages. I hope the man that hit her has good insurance.
We got the license plates in for the 2007 Prius. Mark is heading out now in the dark to put the plates on.

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