Friday, January 29, 2016

The Kick

This morning right after Emily and I moved bales I heard running water. That is not something good to hear in the winter. Sure enough  Roxanne and Rosaleigh's automatic waterer was gushing water over the top. The mares had removed the metal cover, broken the float off and were playing with it. These 2 coming three year olds need some other kind of toy to keep them occupied. I may try to get them a ball on a rope. Emily went over Mike's shop to find new parts and when she was in fixing the waterer Rosaleigh, the mare with an attitude, decided to bother her. Emily kept pushing her away then bending down to work on the waterer. Rosaleigh got mad that Emily wouldn't let her play whirled around and let out a kick that caught her on the leg. Thankfully it wasn't hard enough to do any damage but Rosaleigh was in big big trouble. After today I think she may have learned you don't tick off a red head. She got worked until she was submissive and apologetic. Afterward Emily took her in the barn, brushed out, braided and wrapped her long thick tail and Rosaleigh stood quietly. This really bothered both Emily and I. We are not use to a Friesian offering to kick. We will need to be on guard with her and if she even thinks of turning her rear end to anyone she will get that rear end whipped. We just can't have a dangerous 1400 pound horse on the property. Now for the record Rosaleigh came to us with an attitude so probably got away with a lot. That attitude better change or her life is going to be miserable. Kind of like children when they don't think they need to obey a parent then get to school and won't obey the teacher.  When they do not respect authority they have a much harder time later in life keeping a job and may end up in prison. Parents, teach your children to obey when they are young.
Roxanne was the next mare out. Emily worked her the saddle and bridle but didn't ride her. She was putting her away when I arrived with new Horsemeister t-shirts and some lead ropes that had been left at the house.
 Jenis was brought out but just to grain. Jenis is in a paddock with 2 fat mares that don't need grain so we bring her in to eat so as not to tempt the others.
 Mark was busy working on his latest project. Just take a look at the next two pictures and try to guess what this could possibly be.

It doesn't look like much right now but hopefully within a few weeks will be producing something valuable. We planned on going to David Sauder's visitation and wanted to arrive by 4:00 pm so had to leave before Karin's trail ride so no pictures of that but I heard it went well.
We left early so we could stop at Sam's Club to purchase a couple chairs. The kids gave us money at Christmas to replace our rocker recliners with new leather ones. We tried to find a good used one but were not able to find leather. Our old rocker recliners were purchased in 2010 and made with bonded leather (which I found out later is really mostly fake leather) those just didn't hold up well. This time I was determined to find a quality leather well made chair. We have been checking Craig's list just about everyday. Last week while shopping at Sams I just happened to see the exact chair I was looking for, sat in it and thought to myself, "I must bring Mark" Well this afternoon both mom and Mark sat in the chair and agreed, "comfortable!" Check out our new chair. Of course we bought 2 so we don't have to fight over who gets the comfortable one. This is made with top grain leather and has full body support.
 Mark has to pick them up tomorrow as Sam's only gives 24 hours for pick up. I'll be busy with Phil and Anna's girls while they work at Sarah and Nolan's new house.

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