Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fun and Games

Not expecting a very nice day weather wise we were all surprised by the beautiful sunrise and warm 72 degree temperatures. Diane took this picture off her balcony this morning.
Most all of us ended up on the beach walking, fishing or just visiting and this was all before breakfast. After breakfast the weather took a quick change dropping quickly into the low 60s and rain. Of course this doesn't stop the fun and games around here they just migrate inside.
Anni found a dead sea turtle on the beach last night and took these pictures. We hiked down to see it but by this time the officials had the area blocked off and wouldn't let anyone near it.

Kari and Brett had their baby boy born back at home. Rhonda and Spark can't wait to meet their newest grandson.
Greg and Fedi brought out the fishing poles this afternoon but only caught 2 fish. 
The young adults decided to go to the rec center to play walleyball this evening.  Mom, Spark, Rhonda, Greg, Beth, Mark, Nolan, Sarah and I went to Steamers for supper. If you like shrimp and seafood I highly recommend this place. They serve nothing fried, just grilled, steamed or blackened but all was good. The picture below is just a sampler. Each plate is suppose to feed 2 people.
Speaking of supper, the pictures below are of our big fish dinner from all those fish everyone caught yesterday.
 We also had other foods such as fajitas, salads, beans, chips, and lots of desserts to stretch the fish and by the end of the evening there wasn't much left of anything.
After our meal at Steamers us old folks ended up at mom's to play more games. We had a scrabble game going on on one side of the table and Mexican train on the other side.
 It got so late neither game was able to be finished. The Scrabble game is now on top of the fridge and we just decided to quit on Mexican train. We were all the way down to the double 4s but it was well after 10:00 and we old folks really need our sleep so good night all.

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