Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Welcome Surprise

No wind this morning which meant even though it was cold we could still walk. After the walk Emily and I drove to the Berean office to finish reading, sorting and start entering the letters only to find they were ALL read and sorted. That saved us at least an hour. We finished the last letter before noon, stopped at Sam's club for groceries then headed home. Yesterday Emily finished washing, braiding and wrapping the mare's tails. She is still to sore from the accident to ride. The doctor told her she has been doing too much and needs to take it easy.
Today for dinner I made a big pot of creamy chicken and rice soup which will also be served tomorrow for the Berean volunteers.
Today is Hannah and Mackenson's birthdays. Hannah is 16 and Mackenson is officially 8 years old. It was on this date he was taken to the orphanage in Haiti so this is the date they claim is his birthday.
After church tonight we went with Joan and the kids to help celebrate the birthdays at Avantis restaurant in Peoria. This is a very family friendly restaurant with a very good child's menu and lots of good options for the adults. Below Sarah is taking the picture of our meal.
A call came in from a lady wanting to come on Saturday to see Winston and without thinking I told her, "Saturday is good." Then I remembered Winston is at Middle Grove. We will just have to bring him home before then. 

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