Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Harry Eisenmann's Visitation

No walk again this morning, it was cold but not too cold to walk, just some of us couldn't get out of bed.
It is a tradition in Joan's house to serve who ever is having a birthday, breakfast in bed. Probably about the hardest part of this tradition is STAYING in bed until breakfast is served. I arrived at Joan's around 7:30 am to find Joan still in bed enjoying her breakfast while Ruth was sitting on the bed visiting with her. Below is the breakfast her children prepared for her. This would NOT be my choice...where's the coffee?
I left for work early, stopped at TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail then drove down to Suburban Gas Co to fill 2 of the propane tanks for the barn heater. Now that the deep freeze is here the only way we can work the horses comfortably is to run the heater.We only had one full mail box of mail today at Berean and were able to finish by noon. Lunch was a relaxed affair knowing the work was done for the day.
The next job on the list was to go to Meisters to pay a few bills then head home except when I arrived at Meisters my phone was not where it belonged. I realized it was left at the Berean office so back there for the second time today. When I finally did arrive home Karin was working mares in the indoor with the heater running. It was 19 degrees outside but felt like 40 in the barn. Below she is working Ribbon.
The arena needed to be watered and the first hose even though it had been drained had a frozen area and would not work. The second hose was brought out which worked but last summer had been run over by the lawn mower near the nozzle so of course it is spraying all different directions wetting down not just the arena but me too. Once the job was done both hoses were dragged to the barn and dumped down the basement stairwell. We decided to move the vaulting barrel inside the apartment for practice today. The vaulters started arriving just as we got that job done. When I realized the time I had to push it to be ready to pick Mark up by 5:00 pm so we could drive together to Harry Eisenmann's visitation. For the 3rd time today I traveled the exact same road to get to the funeral home. We arrived shortly after 5:00 pm and were in line until close to 7:00 pm. He was a special man, well loved by many and many came to pay their respects to his wife Loretta and their children Michelle, Patty, and John.

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