Saturday, August 31, 2013


While feeding this morning the sun was breaking through the clouds lighting up the Eastern sky with sunbeams. Kind of how I imagine Jesus will come, light bursting through the darkness.
Mark was out early trimming trees with the skid steer. What a great machine.
Before the day heated up Rhoda pulled out EasterLilly to see how much she knew and what she was like undersaddle. She did some round penning first.
 EasterLilly is now known as EL as we already have 2 other Lilys. She did well, even at her drafty size she could carry a canter both directions. Next was the scary bag and that didn't scare her at all. EL followed Rhoda around just like she was suppose to.
Rhoda mounted up and asked for a canter and that was the only time EL thought of misbehaving, she let out one hop then settled down for work, walking and trotting over the poles and tarp.  At the end of the session Rhoda rode her into the barn and asked her to step up on the pedestal and up she went.
We don't know if someone trained her for that but this mare is just so willing and wants to please when Rhoda asked her to go up she thought about how to do it then did, no fussing or spooking.
After she was hosed off and put away Rhoda and I drove to Middle Grove to pick up the three pregnant mares Sangria, Sally and Bunni. Mike met us with the 4 wheeler so we didn't have to hike for hours in the heat to find the herd. They loaded without a fuss and once home were hosed down then put in the cabin field. Mark spent the afternoon working on the patio. We are getting close. Dinner was left over chicken. 

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