Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gorgeous Sunday Morning

The air is crisp cool and clean smelling, much better than the odor coming from the visitor last night. Around 9:30pm last night the dogs ran to the door barking furiously and moments later the air was filled with the smell of skunk. This meant the dogs were not allowed outside to prepare for bedtime and around 1:00am they were both pretty desperate to go outside.
I had a productive morning. Delmira was covered first thing, she is still in big and stood well. Isabella will need to be covered tonight but she takes 2 people so I'll have to wait for help on her. She is still kicking at Evan even though she shows well. While the cow water tank was filling weeds from the hay field were pulled. The decision was made to mow and bale it even though it won't produce a lot of bales it will help knock down any weeds coming up.
The picture below came in from Cynthia with her fabulous Friesian filly Olivia out of Jewel by Evan.
Cynthia writes:  Shes getting big! ....i love that i can just walk up to her out in the pasture and rub her!

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