Monday, August 26, 2013

Road Trip to Iowa

I had to leave before the walk today, or at least I tried to leave before the walk. Emily and I were to have Pete the Shire colt, loaded and on the road by 8:00am only Pete refused to follow his dam and get in the trailer. When the walkers arrived, they were put to work. It took mom, Ruth, Rachel, Diane, Emily and I to coax this big colt into the trailer. After I left, Emily had Mike help get Jewel covered by Evan then spent the morning mowing, moving gravel and power washing the skid steer. The trip went well no issues at all finally arriving home late afternoon, just in time to pick up pizza to feed the hungry family members coming back from Norris.
Below are a few pictures of the evening playing with the grand kids.

Rhoda gave Darcy a bath which really entertained the kids
All good things must come to an end. Below they are saying good-by
As soon as they left I headed back out to work. Emma needed to be taken out of the stall and covered by Evan, Jewel and her filly needed to be put out and fed and the 2 stalls used today cleaned. 

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