Thursday, August 15, 2013

Run Run Run

Yesterday it seemed was spent driving. First driving Scarlet and Ella to the vet for Scarlet's coggins, then to Sam's for dog food then to Circle Double D for a round bale feeder they were selling, then to Fast Stop for diesel fuel for the skid steer plus 2 more trips.
Scarlet was excellent for her blood drawing for the coggins test. She didn't even flinch. When we got back Rhoda and Emily had groomed up Mytross and her colt and were taking pictures and videos. I haven't had a chance to render a video yet but here are a few pictures of them.

Now Mytross lost most her tail at Middle Grove and for the pictures the girls put a fake one on her. She is for sale and someone is coming today to look at her but I will explain about her tail.
Scarlet was given a bath for some pictures now that she is back from Middle Grove. Rhoda was very pleased with how well she stood.
She got a tying lesson while they waited for her to dry
 Her sire is Evan and along with her gorgeous looks, Evan thew his hair and his fantastic movement.
 At 4 months old she is almost as tall as her dam, Ella.
Rhoda took these pictures as I was getting the diesel fuel for Tim Reinhard. He was busy working on preparing the ground for our new round pen. As soon as I was back from the gas station Rhoda loaded me and Emily up into the car to go to Flat Top for lunch. This was after 2:00pm and we were all really hungry. What I didn't know is what she had planned next. She took us to a nail place and gave us both pedicures. This was Emily's first ever. It was a little embarrassing I had my barn shoes on, they weren't clean and even had burrs stuck in the shoe laces.
I'm not showing a picture of my other foot, it has a purple toe due to dropping a hammer on it. Emily's feet were no better, she had a purple toe from stabbing herself with a pitch fork.
Poor Emily has poison ivy all over her face with both eyes almost swollen shut. 

We sure looked like a pair. It's amazing Rhoda was willing to be seen with us.
We barely made it back in time for the dress rehearsal of Saturday's vaulting performance. That got over just a few minutes before 6:00pm giving us a very short time to shower and get ready for church. At least we had clean feet!
Tim Funk had the service and wouldn't you know, he opened to where Jesus took the basin and towel and washed the disciples feet!

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