Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eliza's Colt Sold

It's a good thing we are flexible, we may think we have our schedule down, we may even start working on the first thing on the schedule and then comes along something to mess the entire process up. While we were grooming Ayanna, Indy and Killian the phone rang. We have a buyer for Holly but Holly has not been confirmed in foal. This means we must drive to Middle Grove, pick her up, bring her back here and give her a bath, putting us hours behind. Luckily Holly was right near the gate when we arrived. Emily walked right up to her, put her lead rope on and loaded her up. She will be taken to Dr. Hoerr's tomorrow morning along with Jenis, Killian, and Ayanna. Holly also needs a coggins test.
We had plans of video taping Lola's colt and Scarlet but it was way to hot by the time we were finished with Holly.
The deposit check came today for Eliza's colt, he was marked sold on the website.
Dave Obergfel had the service tonight on the Third Epistle of John. The ICC/Bradley young group was here and filled the front, the singing was beautiful.

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