Monday, August 12, 2013

Ribbon's Filly SOLD

Emily spent the night with Rhoda so they could go hiking in the morning at Robinson State Park. Her grandparents were due to arrive at the Horsemeister Farm around noon but just a little after 10:00am they pulled up to the apartment. By the time I had Taegan loaded on the golf cart and made it up to the apartment they were more than ready to go inside to relax a bit. They needed to drop someone off at the Peoria airport and didn't realize how little time it would take to get from there to here. They climbed on board the golf cart with Taegan and me and off we went for the grand tour. It didn't take Taegan long to fall asleep while riding that which just ruined her afternoon nap. Emily took her grandparents to Middle Grove while Rhoda cleaned up the indoor arena. A lady named Rachel was coming to look at Ribbon's filly around 1:00pm. She was very pleased with the filly and decided to put a deposit down to hold her until she is weaned the end of October. I think they will make a great team.

On the way back from the house to the barn, Rachel looks over at the Middle Paddock and sees a great big snapping turtle making it's way from Mark's pond over to mom's lake.
I mentioned we don't like that kind of turtle and was calling Rachel Sauder to see if her husband would shoot it when the Rachel buying Ribbon's filly states, "they are very good eating." Of course Rhoda jumped right in with "well you buy a horse here you get a free turtle, just have to take it home." We found a box big enough to hold the thing, then Rachel picked it up by the tail and swung it into the box.

The box was barely big enough to hold the nasty thing, Rachel and her sister did not want it escaping during their ride home and asked for tape. Sure hope she enjoys the turtle soup.

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