Saturday, August 17, 2013

Before and After

I wasn't going to post the pictures below but mom actually gave me permission after seeing how Paris' prolapse healed. Below is Paris' bottom when she had a prolapsed rectum.
The picture below was taken yesterday at Norris, IL. The girls had to hold up her tail to see as they saw it when it first happened. She is completely healed other than a few tiny scars from the treatment.
And to think we were ready to put her down. The first vet that looked at her told us we need to prepare ourselves for losing her, then Dr. Hoerr came to the office, took one look and said, "this isn't fatal just really ugly!" Actually the treatment was pretty ugly and the smell worse but we sure can't fault the results!
Mark is out working on the wall.
I've spent the morning preparing the truck and trailer for our trip to Weaver Farm. The hay bags are filled and in the back of the truck along with the water buckets and grooming tools. The fancies for the horses have been checked and loaded. Jewel's stall cleaned out and all the horses fed a wheel barrow load of the loose hay from the broken bale. 

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