Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Replacing Posts

Emma was covered early to give me time to help Mark dig a couple holes to replace the 2 broken posts in the back of the middle paddock. Eliza and her colt along with Jewel and her filly were in there and we for sure didn't want anyone breaking a leg by stepping into one of the holes so right after the walk Emily and Shaun set the post. Later when the heat breaks we will install a gate and replace the boards. We don't want to do that now, the horses need the pond to cool off. We had another high of 96 degrees today. Jewel took advantage of cooling off in the pond as did Eliza's colt.
Scarlet leaves for her new home tomorrow afternoon. The new owners have a 2 horse straight load trailer so today Scarlet got a leading and loading lesson. What a smart filly, she followed me right in the trailer 3 times then the 4th time I asked her to just jump in and she did, even Rhoda was impressed with how quickly this filly learns. She still needs to learn how to back out but I'll let the new owners teach her that.

Rhoda, Emily, Sarah and Shaun drove to Middle Grove to check on the horses. They used the 4 wheelers to find them which took longer than they thought. The horses were all keeping cool under the trees. Udders were check on the 3 mares still due. Sally is bagging up and will need to be brought home soon, Sangria looked farther along than Bunni. We will probably bring all three home this weekend.
Craig Stickling had the service tonight. He was reading where Paul was telling his story, stopped the reading and said, "Why would God want a man like that?" Truly, Why would God want us? How thankful I am that He does!

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