Friday, April 16, 2010


Ribbon is now Star. When we pulled in the Allient Energy center we had to get in one of three lines for trailers and the inspectors were going through each trailer making sure the coggins matched the horse. A lot of these people are volunteers that don't really know how to read a coggins and health papers. The poor man that was checking ours must have been stressed out because of the long lines. He sees Horsemeister on the coggins and wants to know who that is, I tell them that is me, I am an owner. He is asking how to spell it and writing down something but I'm not paying a lot of attention. A lady asks if she can open the doors or windows of the trailer and she is told to do what ever is necessary and she walks in the packed living quarters, realizes she cannot get to the horse door and comes back outside and opens up a window, walks over to the truck and hands me a zip tie and inspection certificate telling me this must go on the stall door. The zip tie dropped so I'm trying to find that and didn't look at the paper until it was time to put it on Ribbon's door. For horses name it lists Ribbon's name as STAR and owner of the horse is Judy Horsemeister. The man checking all the coggins is looking at where the markings are listed and thinks that is the horses name. He is probably wondering why so many owners name their horses Star or Blaze. He must think I am a very vain American Indian to have such a funny name, and then put it all over my truck and trailer.
Our hotel was a very nice surprise, the rooms are large with very comfortable beds and pillows. The pool area is very well set up for families. It has a full court basketball backboards in the middle, on the shallow end a tippy bucket that pours out water every few minutes and a HUGE hot tub. Now if breakfast is good we are SET.

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