Friday, April 16, 2010

Our First Performance

First impressions were, THE Vaulters were GREAT! Why weren't they in the coliseum? What was WRONG with the announcer? Why didn't she turn on the music? Why isn't the announcer paying attention and turn up the music when she is asked? Why is she visiting with everyone else when she SHOULD be announcing? In other words, the kids did great, Ribbon just so, so, not perfect but not awful but the announcer, BAH HUMBUG. The worst is that we are in the same arena tomorrow with the same announcer. Even when the vaulters were off the horse and running out of the arena, the crowd (what could fit in) was yelling, clapping and whistling and the non-announcer said NOTHING! not give them a hand, not aren't' they cute, not a word. The vaulters exited the arena to complete silence from her.
The morning practice was a little complicated, there were so many horses in the warm up arena the kids had to look both ways before running into the middle with Karin. They ran through the program just once then ran to the coliseum to watch the Andalusians perform. Rachel got some awesome pictures. Then came the performance. We decided to eat fair food for lunch, some got Gyro's @ $9.95 each some hamburgers @$6.00 and Karin a $9.00 turkey leg. Once Ribbon was fed and watered for the night we drove to McDonald's for $1.00 sundaes and then to the hotel for r and r.
We don't yet know what we are doing for dinner except we KNOW we won't be ordering Chinese. We did that last night and it was so bad we had to throw it out, then we went to bed hungry.

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