Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Emma stayed in our room again last night, we are trying something new, keeping her with us as much as possible before she goes to school. She has started acting like a disobedient child, not always coming when we call. To her free will means she doesn't have to mind. God gives us free will and sometimes we also chose to be disobedient. When I'm frustrated with Emma it reminds me how frustrated God must be with me when I deliberately go my own way.
Today after the walk, Emma and Karin's dog Studly were playing with a small stuffed animal, it was time to go and when I called, Emma ignored the call and kept playing. I opened the car door and called again and Heidi, mom's dog jumps right in, she WANTS to obey! After removing Heidi, I call Studly and he comes running with Emma right behind so she is grabbed and asked to jump in the car. She sits down and refuses. Now Emma has been swimming in 3 different stinky ponds this morning plus rolled in who knows what and I'm in my office clothing but I grab her wet stinky body and force her into the car and all the way home smell of wet dog. Poor Eva Jean, no time to change, she will just have to put up with the smell at work.
What lesson do I need to learn? Perhaps having more quiet time to listen to God's voice, spend more time in prayer and in His Word and most of all OBEY!
AND start Emma on obedience training TODAY.

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