Friday, April 2, 2010

Going to the Dogs

This morning there were 5 dogs milling around after I drove up for the walk and let Darcy and Emma out of the car. Mom is caring for Karin's 2 dogs, Studly and Ellie, we could hardly get out of the driveway to start walking. Darcy drops out at the end of mom's drive and goes back to sit at the car so she doesn't get left. The last time I left her at mom's for 2 days she walked over to the farm to wait to be picked up so upset she was shaking, then when mom picked her up she refused to get out of the car as it wasn't her house. As we start up the farm drive, Studly starts whining walking slower and slower until he just can't take it and runs back to mom's house. Studly got kicked as a puppy at the farm when he went up to Paris and her colt right after the colt was born. He knows something at the farm is going to jump out and bite him. By the time we did the first loop, Emma dropped out to go swimming with Studly at the lake so we ended up with just Ellie and Heidi on the last loop. Dogs have such a long memory. Ebby didn't get to join us, Mike had already left for the office and with Diane on her way to Gulf Shores he took Ebby with him.
At 8:00am we called Karin to find out if they had made it down to the Gulf. They were only 1 mile away. So good to know they made it down safely. She is with Rhonda, Tara, Tara's 2 girls, Kari and Kari's daughter Noel.
Diane is with her daughter Jenny, Jenny's husband Billy and their 2 children Willow and Tate. Rachel's family are not leaving until tomorrow afternoon so there will be lots of family to play with for a couple of days.
Mom invited me for breakfast and how could I resist when she is serving her good fresh eggs, savory sausage and whole wheat toast. After breakfast it was back to the farm to unload the grain and salt blocks. I thought I had plenty of the salt blocks but after putting out 5 of the 50 pound blocks I realize the cabin pasture and the foal paddock could also use new ones. So it will be back to TSC for 2 more. We have an appointment today with an autistic child to visit the Friesians at 11:00am so if 2 can be purchased pretty quickly this morning they can be taken out then.

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