Friday, April 23, 2010

Andalusian out Paint in

Grace the Andalusian was ready for her breakfast this morning. She and her filly, Jenis, had completely cleaned up all her hay from the night before so this morning she was given extra. A gentle rain was falling softly on the barn roof, the horses were quietly eating and I was cleaning the stall thinking does life get any better than this? Once the stall was done I drove over to mom's to move her refrigerator out, she wanted to clean behind it. By the time I met Mike at the farm the rain was taking a break so Grace and her filly were brought over to Raven to check if she was still in. She was not, so back into the stall before the next shower started. Sandy's mare, Savanna is in so she was covered this morning and she stood way better than yesterday. She won't need to be bred again until Sunday. I took my camera this morning but with the rain I didn't bother taking any pictures. Maybe by the second feeding the rain will have stopped.
Our lilac bushes were planted in 1918 and the perfume coming off the blooming bushes is wafting over the neighborhood. The older variety bushes seem to have a much stronger and better fragrance than the newer varieties. We have 2 colors, one is a beautiful light purple and the other bush is white but both bushes are intermingled. The purple are prettier but the white have the stronger fragrance. I love filling my kitchen with these blooms. Almost can't smell the wet dogs if there are enough bouquets in the house.

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