Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Last night there was an email from a lady that had been to the farm years ago, she wondered if we would be willing to sell Lily. I emailed back that Lily is my baby and I just couldn't even think of selling her. My mom was in St. Francis hospital with a brain aneurysm on May 4th, 2002 and all of us kids were up there, the prognosis was not good when my cell phone rang at noon. My best friend Amy Koch, was delivering a filly out of Lilo in the paddock in front of all the barn kids, their parents and neighbors. Really, what mare EVER delivers in the daytime at noon? Lily was perfect and mom recovered.
I have an Easter lily on my kitchen table and every time I walk by the fragrance floats around the room leaving a sweet perfume that almost over powers the smell of the dogs.
This is Easter morning Our Lord and Savior rose from the grave to allow us a way to the Father and Easter is the way we celebrate this awesome plan. We were a little late for the sunrise breakfast but in plenty of time to help clean up and listen to the wonderful Easter morning service. Tim and Deb Funk's 4 boys sang some songs that brought back so many memories.
The powerful service was given by Willis Enley then it was off to church for 2 more wonderful sermons. We are now home, cleaning up and getting ready for our Easter dinner.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that we brought Shadow home least we think we did. His halter was off so we gave it our best guess but I'm pretty sure we've got the right one and Sandy and Sunny seemed to welcome him....he looks so much like the others w/feathers and curly black tail it's almost impossible to tell him apart from the full friesian foals!