Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Evan & Wynne's Video

Once home from the walk, Rhoda agreed to go with me back to the farm to put Wynne, Evan, Valiant and Aragon out to the cabin pasture. They were out of hay and the cabin field is thick with grass. The video camera was brought along as we were pretty sure they were going to be so excited to be back over there. Evan's was the first video finished which is posted below.

Wynne was the next video made. She has very nice movement. Rhoda helped me stick her, the boys make her look small, they are not even 10 months old and almost as tall. Wynne sticks at 15.1 at her withers and 15.2 at her hips. She has put on an inch since we bought her. She will for sure reach 15.2 but we were hoping she would end up at 16 hands. At least she has the mega hair. Her feathers are long, thick and curly!

Once home to make the video, Jamie called to tell me that Duke was out again and actually last night he was out and heading down her driveway around 1:00am. Ralph and Jamie are going to try to put up something temporary to keep him in. What a typical pony! It reminds us why we DON'T like ponies.

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  1. Boy.. its nice to get your horse "fix" for the day, here! beautiful...