Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Zalena's Colt Update

Zalena's colt was feeling better during the night and this morning. Both Mark and I checked on him on the monitor during the night and each time he was up and nursing.  However around 10:30 am he had was not as active and was laying down and just seemed crampy. He was given 1 cc of banimine then Ruth came over and helped me give him 1500ccs of IV. That helped and he was pretty much normal most of the day. I was hoping to remove the IV tonight except he is still having some diarrhea and as long as he is I can't take it out.  This evening Mark helped me give him another 1500 ccs. He is much stronger and it wasn't as easy to keep him calm while giving them. That is really good news for us even though it made it hard for Mark to hold him. Dr. Hoerr is scheduled to come tomorrow so we will have him check him out and hopefully pull the IV.
Marilyn the lady we bought the farm from came for a visit today all the way from Arizona. She admired the trees she and her husband planted so many years ago that are now huge. We took the golf cart over to mom's for a visit there too.  It was good to see her again. Marilyn and her daughter raised Arabians on this farm and she is glad to see there are still horses here today.
Rosaleigh and her filly were able to spend the entire day outside. The temperature was not near as bad as yesterday and we had clouds.

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