Sunday, May 6, 2018

Birthday Parties

Mark helped move in a bale early this morning. Once that was done breakfast was cooked.  Mom was sick during the night vomiting. She had Sarah send a text that she would not need a ride to church. She just couldn't keep anything down and was feeling all achy.  She is running a fever of 100, just enough to make her feel bad. Joan ran to Hanna City to buy her some coke and she was able to keep ice chips and coke down this afternoon. She missed two great sermons. The first was Craig Stickling giving the seniors the message and the second was Greg Rumbold. After church the kids (all but Ben and Taunya's family) came here. Karin took a group out trail riding this time taking Galena and her colt, Ayanna and her colt, Rosalie and her filly and Anna and her colt. Below is Galena's colt with Kensley
 He was curious about all those short people and needed to come up to check them out. 
 Nolan rode Galena and her colt followed along. 
 Below is Ayanna's colt. He lost his mom, who had been taken into the indoor arena for tacking. We convinced him to go inside to find her. 
 Sarah was riding Ayanna and her colt, once he found his mom followed along too. 
 Karin, in the pink shirt is riding Rosalie with her filly Claire following too. This with the first time for these 3 foals to go out on the trails. 
 Below is Claire
 Nolan led the way with Galena.

 Samantha was riding Anna and her colt was the expert on this ride as he went on the trails yesterday. Samantha is also wearing a pink shirt but she is in front of Sarah on Ayanna. 
 Heading down to the first creek crossing. 

 Galena's colt jumped right in. 

 Anna and Samantha were next. 
 Anna's colt Luka launched himself into the creek. 

 Third was Ayanna and her colt.
 He also launched himself into the creek. 

 Last was Claire, Rosalie's filly. She just ran through the creek. I only got one picture of her.
Below they are heading back to the barn led by Luka.
 I had to run back to the house for the birthday party. Today we were celebrating Sarah's, Lee's and Israel's birthdays. 
 Israel was pretty thrilled with the walkie talkies. The kids ended up playing with these all evening. 
 He also got a mousetrap game. 
 From there we headed to the playground and were joined by dogs today, lots of dogs. 
 The dogs have just as much fun as the grandchildren. 

 Lee had to try the trampoline out. 
 The volleyball games started up and went until dusk. The games were entertaining to watch. 

We took lots of golf cart rides over to the alligator swamp and up to the barn to see the horses. When it was time to leave we discovered David's car had a flat tire. We pumped the air up in the tire but could hear the air leaking out almost as fast as we were putting it in. David had to change it before leaving for home.
Galena came into season today and was covered by Valiant. We really like what these two produced and hope we get another as beautiful next year.

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  1. What beautiful trails, and horses! How do you manage to take such lovely photos of everything??
    Your family is so blessed, and just think of all the happy memories the children will have to cherish forever. God is good! 😍