Friday, May 25, 2018

South Side Academy Visits

Yesterday morning Karin helped tease Dakota and when she said yes got her covered by Valiant.  She wanted to get all the trail ride done before the weather got too hot.  This time Faith rode Cookie while Hannah rode Sally and Karin rode Star. Karin is using these trail rides to train the foals to follow the riders as it makes the rides at Middle Grove much easier if the mare knows the foal will follow.
 Above they are bringing Cookie and Sally over from the cabin field and below Star is waiting to be tacked up while her colt watches Karin tacking up Sally. 
 The colt ran out of the arena and posed right in front of the sign.
 Below Hannah riding Sally and Faith riding Cookie are crossing one of the creeks on this trail. 
If you would like to see the rest of the trail ride pictures click HERE.
 Joan was busy teaching Berlica how to drive while mowing. 
 Talk about efficient! 
 Mackenson was busy building a new fort. This one is made with bricks and mud. The mud he pulls out of the lake.  He NEEDS more bricks, anyone have any they want to get rid of? But don't tell anyone about his fort, he did not get a permit for this and in Peoria county those permit people are just downright unreasonable. Why they would make him put 'real' cement or get an 'real' engineer drawing first. 
 Below Faith, Hannah, and Karin are posing for a picture in front of Joan's house before heading back to the barn. 
 While they were out riding I took Lily and her colt out to be hosed off. Lily loves the water, it was hot and I figured her colt needs to learn about water too.  The colt did pretty well standing next to his mom while they were soaked.  I let them graze then took them into the round pen for a couple pictures for his owner. 

 That colt is really getting tall.  Rachel had invited the South Side Academy to come out to her place for fishing. 
Since my place is on the same compound and Karin was around to help they divided the group into two with one fishing while the other group walked over to see the horses. 

Both groups had a good time feeding the horses and learning a little vaulting on Darryl the Barrel. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from the horse part of this field trip click HERE
Rosaleigh's 5 day old filly was still squirting pretty bad diarrhea and I just didn't want to wait until she was critical so called Hoerr Vet clinic. Dr. Hoerr was actually on our side of the river and had just left Kickapoo so stopped on his way back to the clinic and put in an IV for her, gave her a liter then left the rest of the 5 liter bag for the next few days if needed. Foals crash very quickly. There isn't much other treatment to be done, we just need to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated.  Last night I just had to flush the line and that will be done again in a few minutes.  I may or may not need to give her another liter depending if the diarrhea has stopped.
UPDATE:  This morning Rosaleigh's filly has no new diarrhea, she is spunky and fighting and HUNGRY. She is slamming into Rosaleigh's udder impatient for the letdown.  SO thankful even if I had a fight on my hands to flush the  IV.  

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