Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder

During our walk today the ladies stopped in at the barn apartment to give me some ideas on how to dress the place up a bit. A couple of their very good ideas is to get a table cloth for the table and flowers in the flower box out front. I only got one round in as today is Berean day, one of my favorite days of the week. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE.
I was able to get home by noon and went straight out to check on Madeira.
She is now waxing and was left in the stall last night and this morning as I didn't want to take a chance on her delivering outside while I was gone. This is a first foal for her. She and Marika (the other mare stalled to keep her company inside) were put outside for a few hours.  An amazing email came in from Rebecca, the lady that owns Jewel's 2013 filly by Evan and it included pictures. Rebecca writes: Good afternoon, 
Skyfire (formerly known as Rhiannon) is about to turn 5 in just a couple months I wanted to send an update. Both Evan and Jewel produced one of the finest mares, I have ever seen, ridden, trained, and owned. She is an alpha mare through and through but she has a supreme work ethic and a drive to beat everyone in her path. While she is too young in my opinion to jump under saddle too much, we have started giving her more of a challenge in free jumping. She loves and i mean loves jumping. She has scope for days. Everyone at my stables wants her and everyone wishes they could ride her (I don't let anyone ride her but me). She is my heart horse and the best purchase I have ever made. She has her first show in Oct. I have attached below some of the newest photos of her jumping. She is now sitting at 16.3 and growing still.
Rebecca Bender

She is GORGEOUS!  Jewel and Evan throw amazing foals and Skyfire is a wonderful example. They don't just look pretty, they have amazing movement too. 
The owner of Lily's colt was going to fly up to see him on Saturday but they missed their flight due to a bad accident on the road going to the airport. I pulled Lily and her colt out to get a few updated pictures for him to lessen the disappointment of not getting to meet him in person. Check out the neck on him!
Lily's colt is another one that doesn't just look pretty. Check out how high he gets off the ground in the picture below. 
Lily is still in so was covered by Valiant this evening. Sure hopes she settles on this cover. She really is my very best brood mare. After they were put away, Madeira's stall was cleaned and straw laid down. Hopefully she will deliver tonight. She is heavily waxing. 
Brandee, Lilly's owner (the Lilly with two Ls) came to pick her up today now that she is confirmed in foal. She was glad to see her owners and they were thrilled to see her. 

Her foal by Valiant next April will be another beauty. I'm using that word beauty a lot and really don't think they are just beautiful in my eyes. These horses are beautiful in all eyes that behold them. As they were leaving Ayanna was showing so was taken out and covered by Evan. She should be out tomorrow. 
I still need to head up to the barn one more time tonight to wrap Madeira's tail and do a final clean of the stall before heading to bed. 

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