Thursday, May 17, 2018

Soul and Lily

Today two visitors came Marie and Teena. They got to see all the foals and Evan. Evan even showed off a bit. Lily is still in and was covered by Valiant, Soul show today and was covered by Evan. It was 87 degrees so none of the horses wanted to do much moving. Braelyn came today and helped with the feeding of Madeira she also brought Hux the puppy.

Braelyn helped bring a load of hay in for Madeira then helped by petting her filly, getting this filly use to children.

She is a good worker. 
Mark and I worked on the solar system at Joan's. This evening Ayanna's colt got his last shot and the mares were called in. it was obvious both Ayanna and Jewel had been swimming in the pond today. It was hot out and they know how to be comfortable. Jewel's Filly somehow got muddy. I don't think she went swimming but there are big chunks of mud on her back. I think Jewel probably got pretty muddy rolling in the pond then her filly went under her to nurse as soon as she came out and chunks of mud fell on her back. we had an early night tonight since I couldn't work on the computer. It was a good day.
A couple nice thankyous came in and just need to be posted here. Teena writes: Thank you for letting me/ us disrupt your day. And letting us meet your horses. It was a pleasure meeting you. You should be so proud of what your producing. Beautiful horses and nice well run barn.
And from Marie: Hi Judy, this is Marie from this morning, if that’s ok with you, I’d like to be on the list for Lola’s baby next year, husband approved this plan 🙂 Thank you again for your time today, I sure enjoyed meeting you! Will say hi if I see you at Sand Ridge or Jubilee with my Arabs.

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