Friday, May 25, 2018

The Lost Golf Cart Story

A couple days ago I took the golf cart over to the meeting place next to the dumpster for the walk as I had a bunch of stuff to give to Joan, Diane, Ruth, Rachel and mom. When we got back from the walk the golf cart was missing. I blamed Joan right away believing she had put someone up to hiding it. Joan kept repeating, she is innocent, she was with us the entire time.  Well this was a mystery but then we were walking back from Rachel's and saw Mike driving it over from Sparks. He reported that we walked right by it, we were just so busy visiting that we didn't see that he had taken it over there.  Well today Mark took the golf cart to the far field to open the back gate so the farmer could get the equipment through. After the walk Joan called to report that if I was looking for the golf cart it was left it at the dumpster. Again we walked right by it and were so busy visiting that none of us saw Mark leave it there. I was glad Joan saw it, I would have wondered where Mark left it.
Check out the pictures Mike sent from some of the improvements at Middle Grove. It's like a super highway.  Grass seed was or will be planted on either side and Mike took the arena rake out there and has been raking it.  This will really help with pick up and drop off of that area.

That isn't the only improvement out there, Mike and Diane are completely redoing the  inside of the cottage and putting in public restrooms with real flushing toilets in the camp ground. They hope to be done by the 4th of July camping but this weekend we are going to be camping here at the playground.    WE have foals that still need a name, those are Foxy's filly, Star's colt, Ayanna's colt and Soul's colt., Madeira's filly Rosaleigh's filly and now Zalena's colt. The first 8 registrations went out today.  There was a group here swimming but I never made it over to the lake. A storm came in and cooled the place down nicely plus giving the fields a nice drink.  Rosaleigh's filly is on the mend. I kept her IV open by flushing it every few hours today but if she has no new diarrhea tonight the IV will be removed in the morning.  Sarah sold one of Rizzy's puppies today. 
They have 5 more people coming this weekend to see them. I'm always amazed at how these puppies are in such demand.  Mark and I worked on the racking for the solar system tonight until dark.  A very nice phone call came this evening from the lady that bought Eliza's colt by Raven born May 28th, 2013. She told me she just loves this stallion and he now sticks at 16.3 hands. He is so impressive that when they took him to a show over 100 people took pictures of him. Ana, his owner said it was a very big show.  She is going to send some updated pictures of this huge 5 year old.  She told me she loves our horses and is on the website looking at them a lot. What a nice thing to say, so nice it had to be shared here.  Another good day. 

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