Sunday, March 27, 2016

Star Has a Filly on EASTER

Such a surprise this morning at 5:45 am I discovered Star with a brand new filly. Last night her udder was checked and there was no waxing at all. The filly was already up and nursing when I got there. They were put in the barn but there was no time to stick around we needed to leave for our Easter Sunrise service early. I turned on the barn lights, made sure they were settled, snapped this picture then left. She is stocky, strong and tall, a typical Valiant baby.
We had SUCH a touching breakfast and service this morning at the fellowship hall. All of our children and grand children were there except Sarah who is in Gulf Shores with her cousins. Dusty Funk sang 2 songs, then Kindred Spirit sang 2 songs and the choir sang 2 songs before David got up to have the message. By the time it was over tears were flowing in gratefulness of this wondrous plan of salvation. Tim Funk had the service at church. We are a blessed people, undeserving but truly blessed.
After church we were getting ready for the meal and of course with all these hard boiled eggs we decided to make deviled eggs. Addyson and Jack walked in as I was peeling the eggs and were shocked that grandma was breaking all those beautiful Easter Eggs.
Rhoda sauteed the onions, Addyson helped with the mushrooms, then Jack and Addyson helped with smashing up the egg yolks for the deviled eggs. All was hauled over to Phil and Anna's house for the meal. Below are a few pictures of the evening.

To see the rest of the pictures click HERE. A cold rain started after dinner and by 4:00 pm I was getting worried about leaving the mares out. Mark and I headed home so iodine could be put on Star's filly, the stall cleaned and the other mares checked. Lily and Ayanna were both brought inside to check their udders. Lily is still squirting clear but Ayanna's seemed just a bit milky so her's was tested and showed she should not be delivering any time soon. Lola's isn't as bagged up so her's was not tested. Star's filly is doing very well, she was too strong for me to flip on my own to put the iodine on but I was able to splash some up onto her cord. She was nursing when I got to the barn and there is no better sight than seeing that on a few hour old filly.
Jill the owner of Kenzie (Lily x Raven daughter) sent an email pleased to announce that Kenzie had a filly this morning. The sire is Evan so we had 2 fillies born on Easter morning, one by Valiant and one by Evan. Jill sent the short video below of the filly just born.
Congratulations Jill and thanks so much for letting us know. That is 3 healthy foals so far for 2016, Piper, Star and Kenzie about 27 still to go.

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