Monday, March 28, 2016

Playtime with the Girls

No walk, everyone is gone around here so after the horses and Mark were fed I headed over to Phil and Anna's to spend the day with the girls.
After Kensley woke up from her morning nap the weather had warmed up enough to head over to the farm. Below are a few pictures of our afternoon. We stopped in first to see the new filly. Emily was there cleaning the stalls and helped get a few pictures.
This filly is a typical Valiant daughter, stocky, thick LONG legs and very friendly. She is going to make someone very happy. She is going to look more like Valiant than Star. In fact it is going to be hard to tell her apart from a purebred Friesian foal. We really like that about Valiant, he stamps HIS looks on his offspring. From the barn we took the golf cart over to the playground.
 Later we decided to check out the goose nest. The mama goose was sitting on the eggs so we were careful not to disturb her.
 The papa goose was swimming close by keeping watch.
We had a beautiful sunshiny day, lots of pictures were taken, if you would like to see them click HERE.
Emily took Ella back today to Middle Grove then stopped and picked up her cow Goldie. Goldie will be here for a month or two to wean her calf then fatten up a bit so she can be bred back. Mark decided to mow as the weather was so nice.
Philip picked up the girls later this afternoon. This evening Lola, Lily and Ayanna's udders were all checked and a little colostrum pulled from each mare. None of the mares are showing milk, the colostrum is still yellow and clear. We didn't test any tonight, maybe we will tomorrow if we see any change. The next three due are all due in a couple weeks. Lily and Lola due April 14th and Ayanna due April 17th.

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