Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just a Little Overwhelmed

Not that I'm complaining about all our help running off to Gulf Shores for a couple weeks but today was exhausting. Star and her filly were moved into the stall across the aisle so I could clean their stall this morning then moving them back I tried to take a short cut. Star was led over and I expected her filly to follow but that didn't happen. She found her way around the wheelbarrow and ran into the feed stall behind Emma the dog, Star freaked out, crashed and knocked down the wheelbarrow that was full of manure spilling it everywhere, knocked over the wheelbarrow full of hay, ran into the stall and knocked over the 2 grain bins of which one was full the other almost empty. Emma was cowering at the back, the filly was standing looking at Emma and Star was ready to kill the dog for threatening her foal. Emily heard the commotion and came out to help. Star was grabbed, given to Emily then the filly was grabbed and pulled out of the stall. Then came the clean up. By this time it was light enough outside to check and feed the other horses. Thankfully none of them were ready to foal. I left at 7:30 am to run down to Meister's before picking up the mail at TEMCO. The Bibles came in but Ellen was not able to get any stamps. I was expecting a smaller mail day because of Easter holiday but there were 2 full tubs waiting. To read about our hectic day there click HERE.
 After dropping off the mail I made it home just after 3:00 pm. Star was anxious to get out of that stall but that meant I needed to move Lola and Zephyr into the middle paddock with Ayanna to free up the paddock next to the barn. When Star and her filly were finally let out, the filly had a ball, galloping around the paddock stretching her long legs.

Once she finally got tired she went right over to the hay and laid down and finally Star felt she could start eating. The weather was really nice today, sunshine and a high of 61 degrees. Tomorrow rain is expected to start around noon. Mark loaded the summer tires in the car, tomorrow morning I need to run to Riekers to get the snow tires off and the summer tires on then will be off to Berean to work on letters.

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