Friday, March 25, 2016

Darcy's Birthday

Rhoda arrived early this morning to celebrate Darcy's 11th birthday. The favorite present of the day, other than Rhoda being here, was a big black garbage can. She LOVES to carry it around, loves to shake it violently and loves to let it roll it down the hill chasing after it.

She sure doesn't act her age! Today was training day for Rosalie. Rosalie has never had a rider up on her back until this very successful day.

To see the rest of the pictures and learn how Rhoda accomplished this click HERE.
Once Rosalie was put away Rhoda offered to give Zephyr a leading lesson in the round pen.
 He got to run around first but soon settled down to work.
 We decided we may as well give him a loading lesson too, below Karin is leading him over to the trailer. We were pleased with how respectful he followed. 
He walked right into the trailer and quietly walked out when Karin asked. This is a very nice colt. 
 He also inherited Evan's hair, check out the FEATHER on his front feet. This is a lot of hair for a 7 month old colt. 
Joan came to borrow the tractor this afternoon for splitting logs.
Diane brought her grand children over to help clean stalls.

Karin bought ribeye steaks for dinner, Mom's grill isn't working so we decided to eat at Joan and Tim's house. The steaks were cooked to perfection. We didn't stay long though tonight we needed to be in church for our Good Friday service. That was wonderful, sad, convicting but wonderful. Craig Stickling had the service. It seemed no one wanted to leave after so we didn't get home until late. Just about everyone around here is deserting us. Diane, mom, Joan, all her kids, and Karin are heading down to Gulf Shores, Alabama leaving at 4:30 tomorrow morning. Rachel has already been down for a week and is staying another. Spark and Rhonda are heading to Ohio to visit Tara, Jay and their 5 children then heading down to the Gulf. Fedi and Ruth are on their anniversary cruise. Emily is house sitting in Washington. Yep it's just gonna be Mark and me and the dogs and the horses for a bit.
Our entire day today was filled with bright sunshine. No clouds at all to mar the solar system from bringing in electricity. Our meter was going backward almost the entire day. Speaking of the solar system the inspectors came and Houston we have a problem. There were 2 of them, they walked into the barn and even before looking at the wiring reported, "your hay is illegal!" My feathers were getting ruffled as I'm looking at all our round bales stored inside thinking if it comes between the hay or the solar system it's not the hay that is going to go, when the inspector says, This hay is illegal because your horses can't get a square meal. Of course I had to pull the same joke on Mark, Karin, Rhoda and everyone on the walk.

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