Friday, March 11, 2016

Horsin Around

We had a beautiful sunny morning. Mike arranged for Alex at Frenches to look at the trailer lights so Diane followed me over to drop the truck and trailer off to give me a ride home. But when with Diane and a garage sale sign pops up we don't go straight home. We hit a good one and $14.00 poorer finally made it home with 3 bags full of toys for the grandchildren.
When we made it back Rhoda was here and ready to work. Lola and Star were taken out first and cleaned up a bit for a few pictures. Lola is due in a month so Rhoda decided to give her a quick refresher course under saddle.

Lola is so well trained and so smooth in her Western jog trot and lope she is a joy to ride. Timothy was here visiting Emily and had a fun ride on her. 
Star was next. Star is one of those smooth riding gaited Tennessee Walker mares and is also a joy to ride. 
She has such a thick mane and even her tail is almost all grown back from the time she got it caught in the fence and pulled it out. This mare grows hair like a Friesian. 
 Star is due March 23rd but went 10 days late last year so we are not expecting her to deliver until the end of March. Lily was next I was just going to pull her out for a few updated profile pictures but Rhoda wanted to ride her too for a few minutes. Lily is due April 14th, the exact day Lola is due. We are expecting Lily to deliver early.
 Timothy had to feel what it was like to be up on a BIG horse, not that Lola is small but Lily is just huge.
 Rhoda's dog Ruby was not sure she wanted to be up that high but balanced pretty well on Lily.
 Rhoda and Emily took Lily into the barn to stick her and wanted a hard flat cement surface for accuracy. They were right both Rhoda and Emily were sure she was 17 hands. I thought she was probably around 16.3, well she stuck right at 17. I'll have to change the website.

 About the time we finished with those 3 mares Mike called to say the trailer was done, it was just a plug that had become undone. Rhoda drove me to Mike's office to pick it up but the truck was dead as a door knob, the lights had been left on and the truck must have been finished a few hours before. We were able to jump it to get it going. Next Rhoda, Emily and Timothy decided to take Ayanna, Evan and Jenis out on the trails. The day was just too nice to be working inside when there are horses to ride.
 Bernie, Emily's dog and Ruby, Rhoda's dog went with them on the trails. 
 The cabin lane had a lot of trees down from the big ice storm in February. These horses are so good at stepping carefully over them.
 When Mark got home from work he got the chain saw out and cleared the lane cutting up all the limbs and trees that had been knocked down. Phil and I went to the Berean office to work on printers. Philip was able to get all three printers working together with all three computers.

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