Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lily Has a Filly

Lily surprised us with a HUGE filly early this morning. She is a typical Valiant daughter, big, stocky, black and very friendly. This filly is destined to be a star. We can tell by the star on her forehead. We don't get that marking very often.

 She was born just like her brother, the beautiful silver tipped black which means she should end up non fading. Diane sent a text through with these pictures posted below. Check out that beautiful sunrise down in Gulf Shores, AL.

She took these with her phone. Diane went walking down the beach to take these and met mom down there walking Miss Molly. I think Diane was the first to wish mom happy birthday, What a nice present, to wake up in Gulf Shores and see these beautiful colors on a living canvas. We didn't have anything like that up here in Illinois. I left this morning just after 7:00 am to drive to East Peoria Tire to get the snow tires off the car and the summer tires on. They got the car right in and by 9:00 am I made it to the Berean office to start typing in the Bible request. Over 5 hours and well over 400 request later I was ready to head home. Phil was here installing the new foaling cameras over the stalls.
 The rain was holding off so Star and her filly by Valiant were taken to the outdoor arena for a few pictures. She had fun running around and Star did a lot of snorting, sure a wolf or something was going to jump out of the woods and attack her precious baby.

 The favorite picture of the day is below. just a nice shot of a nicely put together mare and her filly.
Lily's filly was handled a bit, the stalls cleaned and the other mares checked. Lola is getting closer, her udder today squirted more white than yellow. The foal predictor kit was taken out and her milk tested but she is not testing close enough to stay up in the apartment. She was left inside though as the weather is predicted to be strong storms tonight. We have already had a thunder storm that dumped a quarter of an inch of rain in about 15 minutes. Lily's filly slept through the storm, she was all tuckered out from all the handling today.
The picture below was taken of the house computer, the foaling monitors are up and working perfectly. A big thank you to Philip.
We left for church, Greg Rumbold had the service,  we stayed quite late visiting with everyone. Sure is good to have our Wednesday night break. As soon as we got home the stalls were cleaned, water buckets filled and hay given. NOW I can head to bed. Except of course I must wish my oldest brother Happy birthday too. He and mom share the same birthday 20 years apart. Poor mom, can you imagine getting a gift like SPARK for your birthday. His kids gave him a neat gift, they all surprised him by driving almost to Ohio for THIS:
OK, I'm a little jealous, he has 13 and I only have 7 on the ground with one more due in August. Come ON Sceggel kids.

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