Monday, March 9, 2015

Videos and Pictures

This morning was spent doing laundry. While the machines were running the videos of the performances were being down loaded, rendered then posted on Youtube and Facebook. Anna dropped off the girls in the afternoon and the weather was so nice we ended up playing out on the patio. It was just too tempting to stay on the patio for the girls though. Diane came over with paper work for me to sign and while I was signing Braelyn and Taegan went into the mud of which we have plenty. The frost is leaving the ground, the snow is melting causing an actual stream of water to flow down our driveway hill. The pond is just about full and everywhere there is mud.
Indy with her 9 day old filly and Star with her 7 day old filly were put in the paddock next to Killian's.  This is the first they have been together since their foals were born. I really should have made the effort to take updated pictures of the fillies before they were put in the paddock, I'm sure they will be muddy tomorrow. Both are just beautiful.
Below is the video of Killian's Liberty Class:

Below is the video of Emily and Valiant for Stallion Row: Below is the video of the Friesian Skit Maleficent! And finally below is the Horsemeister Vaulters performing on Saturday:

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