Thursday, March 12, 2015

On the Road Again

Mark and I are now in St. Louis for a Trane meeting. We had another busy busy day with not enough daylight hours to get everything done needed, but thankfully there is always tomorrow.
Rachel and I drove in to Meister's to work on the Berean stuff, Diane was a little late attending a breakfast at Bradley first. Eva Jean joined us even later as she was shopping at Bergners this morning. We also had Tiffany and 2 of Lisa's boys join us. We had a light mail day so was able to catch up on everything we had to let slide on Tuesday. As soon as we dropped off the Bibles I took off for Sam's to buy the plates, silverware, and napkins for the wedding. We also needed dog food and just a few groceries. The rest of the groceries will be purchased Saturday.
Rachel told me a funny fair story on the way in. She was taking pictures at the stall area of all the people crowding around to pet Anna and her colt. Because there were so many there she backed up to get everyone in the picture. A lady saw her backing up, came up to her and said, "it's ok, you can come right up to the stall, the horses won't bite you, the baby loves people!" Yep that made me laugh.
 Above is Jenis enjoying the attention and below is Zalena giving kisses.

 Above is Anna's stall and the next two pictures below are of Jenis. Jenis was really in her glory.

This afternoon I decided to get a few pictures of Star and her filly for the website but with the extreme meltdown going on the filly was pretty wet. She and Indy's filly had been having fun splashing. Both fillies were brought to the outdoor arena and both got their pictures taken but I ran out of time. I was able to download the pictures but Mark showed up ready to leave for St Louis before I got the chance to post any. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow evening.  We arrived at the Double Tree by Hilton around 9:00pm and will hit the sack pretty quickly.

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