Sunday, March 8, 2015

A STAR is Born

Emily Ricketts has become a just like a movie star at this show. She has teenagers coming up to her in the barns, out on the streets and in elevators asking if they could take their picture with her. We are having a blast teasing her about her celebrate status. When she comes into the room, Karin tells everyone, "bow down to the queen!"  Emily is embarrassed about all the attention but when Karin starts in she'd better beware, you don't want to get a red head mad! Of course this IS Emily, and we are not sure if she even gets mad.
And just to keep her humble:
Becca Watson gave a great joke for the stallion parade when Valiant was in the arena. We wrote up a new script but the announcer didn't read it. We think she didn't get the joke. Read it and see if any of you get it.  What do you get when you cross a Tennessee Walker with a Friesian? A WALKIN FREEZER!
Glenna came down with mom and has been so much fun to be with. We were sitting with her during the breed and sport demos when some Spotted Saddle Horses came into the ring. They were all decorated with lots of glitter and Glenna asks, "are these Judy's horses? Look at all the glitter." OK Maybe we do have a little too much of the glitz and glammer on the horses. Karin had someone stop her in the hall to tell her, "we come down each year to this show just to watch you, your riders have so much fun!"
Sarah has been a big star also, for some reason this crowd seems to love Maleficent.
Just check out Bethany's expression when this lady walks up to the stall. Maleficent rides into the ring and the crowd's first response is, "gasp" then they start applauding, although we did hear a few BOOS as she threatens Sleeping Beauty.
During last night's vaulting performance, the past vaulters were up in the stands watching and cheering on the present vaulters. That sure gives my a warm heart although Julie said it gave her goosebumps. It is amazing for us to see this love of horses, love of performing doesn't go away, today's vaulters will make tomorrows Friesian performers so perhaps Karin and I should stop looking at this as a competition. Karin has been out in the crowds promoting vaulting when I'm trying to sell Friesians. I kept telling her its not about the kids, it's about the horses. On Friday Julie was given the camera to take pictures for the website and blog, then when I looked at the pictures Friday night, most of them were close-ups of the riders INSTEAD of the horses. We had to tease her, what does she think this is all about, A kid show or a horse show! Disclaimer we loved the pictures taken on Friday but it was fun to tease her. Julie made amends by bringing dessert to the hotel last night.
Yesterday the riders/vaulters were on a high, each performance was just about perfect. The crowds loved them and we had many many people come to the stalls to tell them. WOW what a great weekend! We are praying today goes well too.

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