Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snow Fun For the First of March

The snow just kept coming down all morning and by afternoon a good 4 inches of fresh powder covered the old snow making for a fun afternoon. First up was football on the lake. Not near the lake but on the freshly fallen snow covering the frozen lake ice. After they warmed up from that game, Karin tacked up Ribbon, Jenis and Zalena for sleigh (sled) rides. Karin rode Ribbon pulling Caleb, Jessica rode Jenis pulling Luke and Anni rode Zalena pulling Logan all the way to Phil and Anna's yellow house. The put the horses in the barn and took a quick tour of all the improvements Phil and Anna have made. The camera was pulled out for their way back. Below are a few pictures of the fun.
 Caleb's sled broke on one of the jumps so he had to ride back from Phil and Anna's house double on Ribbon.

 I'd say Luke needs a hat and gloves and maybe a warmer coat. His hair is so filled with snow he looks gray.
 Caleb showing us his broken sled, while Jessica is getting ready to pull Luke again.
Anni and Logan had to go all the way back to the gate to pick up a missing coat. 
 Below is a frozen Luke. How can that be fun. Of course they probably jumped right in the hot tub when they were finished with the snow fun.

 Above is Anni on Zalena galloping back pulling Logan who is pictured below as he flew by the camera. These mares can move!
 Jessica really had Jenis flying across the fields at a flat out gallop. I've never seen Jenis move that fast.
 Below they are leaving the farm heading back over to Sauders. Karin's car was full of kids and equipment so Logan had to ride in the trunk pulling Anni on one of the sleds.
Indy's filly is doing great. This afternoon she was bucking and running around her mom in the stall. Indy has fallen in love with her daughter and that mother instinct has kicked in. She now worries about her each time the filly gets a little too far from her side.
Hymn sing was held at the fellowship hall this evening. When we arrived the parking lot was pretty full. We had a good group, even ran out of chairs again. The Sunday school sang a few songs before the men's group from Washington got up to sing. It was a privilege to be there.

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