Monday, March 2, 2015

Slip Sliding Around

Mom wanted to walk today even though it was cold, the sun was shining brightly making diamonds glisten all over the abundant snow. Emily moved a new round bale in for Ribbon, Whitney and Ayanna.   We have 4 mares due in April that will need to come here after the fair. Prissy is due April 7th and this is her first foal so she will need to be watched. Lily is due April 13th with her 10th foal, Sangria is due April 20th with her 8th foal and Sheena is due April 21st with her first foal.  The other mares the must be here in April for breeding are Serenity, Piper and Ayanna. We want them bred late April so they foal end of March or early April. No more do we want to have mares due the beginning of March. We leave for the Fair in 3 days and Star still hasn't had her foal.
Before Emily left for school today, Indy and her filly were taken outside for a few pictures. This is the first time the filly has been out of the stall since she was born yesterday morning. She was afraid at first tucked up her tail and stayed close to mom but soon she found the snow fun to run, slip and slide around in.
 Check out the snow flying around her hooves in the next 2 pictures. She was coming to a sliding stop.

We didn't leave them outside long, those 1 day old legs can get tired pretty quickly. Below Emily is taking Indy back to the stall and her filly is staying right next to mom following Emily wonderful.
Rhoda took the truck and trailer to TSC this morning to buy 24 bags of bedding for the fair. I took the empty 20 pound propane tanks in to Peoria and had them filled then to the shop to pay the first of the month bills.
Star's udder is finally starting to fill up, we are praying she has the foal before we need to leave for the fair Thursday morning.

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