Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Race Is ON

I heard in church today that horse pictures have been missing from this blog for a few days. Hmm can't imagine why. The horses took second stage this last week but now it is time to get back to real life.
Prissy is due April 7th and Lily isn't due until April 13th. By looking at Lily's udder it looks like she is going to be delivering first.

Prissy's udder on the other hand isn't filling at all. 
Both mares were enjoying the sunshine today. Dr. Hoerr is coming tomorrow to ultrasound Anna, float Jenis' teeth and insert a micro chip in Ripper.
Tim Funk had the morning service then we had the Easter program for the afternoon service. The singing was just beautiful, the young group sang and we could feel the Holy Spirit filling the sanctuary.
After church Everyone came over except Rhoda and Lee, to help eat up the left overs from the wedding. We ate at mom's house so we could have a bit more room. Good thing the noise level at times from those 7 grand children was pretty amazing.
Mark and I are now at home in a very quiet house.

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