Thursday, December 4, 2014

Strong Puppy

Yesterday afternoon Joan saw Sasha, Rachel's big strong Husky dragging a deer pelt across the fields towards home. She must have become tired because Sasha left it by the overflow dam. When Tim got home last night there was Ebby, Diane's dog standing by the deer pelt. Tim thought Ebby must have dragged that pelt all the way from the far field up to the dam. Tim was so impressed with the strength of Ebby, who is just a little dog, he went inside to tell Joan what Ebby did. Joan set him straight. This morning on the walk the deer pelt had been moved from the overflow dam into Joan's yard. We decided to throw it up into a tree to stop the dogs from dragging it all over the place but first Joan had to get it away from Ebby who wasn't about to let go of her prize.

Joan got the pelt up in the tree, now all we need is the news paper people to see that and report there must be a cougar roaming the neighborhood. Mountain lions drag their kill into the trees to keep them safe from other predators.
We had a very productive day at Berean. Eva Jean, Diane and I were the only workers until Lisa brought Jarvis and Cooper to help. Those boys were excellent help today. We had a light mail day only 36 request for Bible letters and about 50 returned studies. We also had a little over 50 prisoners request to take the study. All of the requests were filled before lunch. We mailed out 197 Bibles this week.
After lunch I had to go to Walmart to  pick up pills and ended up having to wait almost an hour and a half. Mark has his pills delivered right to the house, I am going to work on getting that done.
Emily worked with Treasure today, haltering her, picking up all of her hooves and giving her a leading lesson. Treasure was so good that after Emily was done working with her she put her in with the other weanlings.
They are all doing very well. Each one was handled today and all of them are friendly obedient foals. Below are 3 of the 5 now sharing a paddock and just so you know all halters have been removed. These are Magnum, out of Lola by Valiant,  Ripper, out of Soul and Tatiana out of Marika by Evan.
The herd at Middle Grove teaches manners much better than we ever could.

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