Monday, December 15, 2014

Rainy Day Blues

The rain held off until the first round of the walk had finished. We quit at mom's for breakfast then had to drive a wet golf cart back to the farm. Oksana and Anna were brought in and stalled for breakfast then once they dried off given a good grooming. We will be stalling Anna now at night during bad weather even though she isn't due for a month. Check out the pictures below to see why:

I can't believe she can hold this foal another month she is SO huge. She is not at all bagged up but we will keep her stalled as long as the weather is bad. 
Karin wasn't feeling well today so took the day off work. Since she was staying at mom's recuperating I asked if she would come help with a few pictures between rain showers.  Oksana was pulled out first. 
 The rain started back up as we were working her in the outdoor getting us all wet again.
She was put away and in we went to dry off with warm blankets and hot tea. The next time the rain stopped or at least slowed way down, Evan was pulled out to see if he had remembered his lesson from Saturday. He did but he is still very full of himself. He has the moves and likes to show them off. 
The arena was sloppy wet with the morning and afternoon rain but still better than frozen solid. The thermometer was staying pretty steady in the high 40s which would seem mild except the gray skies and damp rain made it feel cold. We haven't had much sunshine this month, So far the sun has come out only 3 days this month. It's easy to get the rainy day blues without the sun shining, good thing we have the Son to help our lights shine. 
The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent doing laundry and chores inside. Emily is going to take care of the stalled horses tonight. 

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