Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Emily left early this morning to meet her uncle who came bearing gifts, kittens, 4 sweet adorable kittens. Emily posted them for sale for $10.00 each on Craigslist and sold them in our area. She got back before the walk so we spent some time weeding the arena quitting at 7:29 giving us one minute to meet the rest of the walkers. After the walk Emily went in to the shop to keep making copies. I joined her a bit later, just in time to refill the ink on the copier. In 2 days that copier copied 20,000 copies and we are still not done. We ran out of paper. More is ordered, hopefully it will be here by Tuesday.
After work we took Jewel and her filly by Evan named Treasure out to the arena for a video. We had over an inch of rain yesterday and another 10th of an inch today so the arena was a bit sloppy but usable.

She is aptly named, she is going to be someones dressage treasure. This filly has amazing movement and is fancy fancy fancy. She is also for sale for only $3500.00 and can be reserved with a $500.00 deposit then regular payments. Check out how high she gets off the ground in the picture below. Her regular trot is like an extended trot, just watch the video above.

She sure is a fancy filly.
Tonight was a special night for our family. Logan Sauder gave his testimony tonight at church along with Maddie Waibel. 

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